After a short journey in accompany with the scenery of the majestic Tahtalı Mountain,which is 2365 metres high, we reach the point at which we start canoeing. After putting on our canyon dressess and a short brifing, we are ready to go. What problems might we confront? Nice question.
      We complete our track walking through river fed by springs gushing out from the skirts of Tahtalı Mountain.. We jump into  pounds from  waterfalls, go into  underwater caves and climb down high cliffs with ropes meanwhile. We trek through forests and try not to get lost. Joke...
      We live to the fullest adrenalin and learn sharing during that time. We take beautiful pictures.During Summer season river temperature is hot, 26- 27 C.
Our activity lasts aproximately 4 hours and fresh trout awaits us in Ulupınar. We have lovely chats during lunch while you evaluate the day.
        Ready to discover yourself…

ROSSİST - Çağlayan Mahallesi 2014 sokak 4/10 Muratpaşa Antalya
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